DAAD Helmut-Schmidt-Programme 2022 (Fully Funded Scholarships)

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Application Deadline: July 31, 2022

DAAD’s Helmut Schmidt program supports young managers in developing countries who want to promote democracy and social justice in their own country. The program offers future executive master’s programs in areas specifically relevant to social, political and economic development, preparing them in a practice-oriented study of the location of responsibility in the region of origin or region of origin, and economics. A form that is democratically oriented and aimed at overcoming social inequality.


  • Scholarships (currently €931 per month) for master’s courses at German higher education institutions.
  • Health insurance in Germany.
  • Appropriate travel allowance for travel between Germany and the respective developing countries.
  • A research and study grant.
  • Rent allowance and family allowance, if any.
  • Preliminary German courses in Germany, up to 6 months. Attendance at the conference is required.

The following negation of funding benefits applies to the “Social Protection” program, due to its blended learning concept: the spot fee of €500 per month is paid in the 4th semester (semester required online in the student’s country of origin or semester other than the developing country).


  • Graduates from Developing Countries (Bachelor or equivalent)
  • With a first qualifying university degree in the fields of political and social sciences, law, economics, public policy and administration
  • Willing to make an active contribution to the social, political and economic development of their country/region of origin
  • Those who already have practical experience relevant to the program (professional experience, internships, political/social involvement)

All applications must be submitted in English or German.

Complete the DAAD application form “Application for Research/Study Grants” only once (see Attachment 2) and indicate your chosen master’s course(s), in the latter case specifying preference your first and second.

If you are applying for two master’s programs: Submit an application for both master’s programs and a cover letter. In this letter, you must explain in detail why you have chosen the respective master courses as well as your reasons for preference.

Please submit an application for the master’s courses of your choice (no more than two), along with the required documents (see below). Scholarship applications are only accepted through Master’s courses.

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